Google policies are a little tricky to understand. But as soon as you violate any rule you are very well
informed about that. Some of the topmost reasons due to which the accounts get suspended are:
 You failed to pay the advertising costs
 Continue to repeat the policy violations
 Details of the account are related to an already suspended account
 Major violation of policies putting the users at risk

Google says:
Google Ads policies and Terms & Conditions are designed to help create a safe and positive
experience for users and advertisers. Accounts may be suspended if we find egregious violations
of these policies or the Terms & Conditions. There are also other reasons an account can be
suspended. See below for more details.

How can you fix this problem?

If you see a pop-up of violation of policy, you need to quickly fix this problem. Without being panic
you can easily resolve this issue.
If your AdWords account is suspended and you create a new one, Google will track down that
account instantly and suspend that as well. So, if we want to reach out to millions of users without
any hurdles, we need to adhere to the policies by Google in virtue to target customers.
Firstly, we can rectify the AdWords account suspensions and after getting a gist about it we can
easily move further.
If you provide a bad user experience Google will suspend your account. Any kind of dishonesty or
false business practices, deceptive ads, etc. can lead you in big trouble. Reversing any legitimate
payment charges is also against the rules. Any kind of suspicious payments can lead to suspension of
the account. If you continue to run a website that is infected with Malware you need to stop that
So, by keeping all these points in mind you can save yourself from the suspension!